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The Vieyra Honors Foundation (VHF), in collaboration with Downtown Hutch, the City of Hutchinson and United Way of Reno County, have launched a Veterans Honor Banner Project. 

Each banner will be individualized to honor a specific veteran and will include the following information:

  • Veteran's name

  • Photograph (file saved in the Veteran's Name)

  • Branch of Service

  • Conflict(s) served in 

  • Military Rank

Cost is $200 per banner. We will be taking orders for the next cycle of banners May 27, 2023 - July 15, 2023. They will be displayed on the light poles in Downtown Hutchinson from mid-September through Veterans Day. 

For More Information Contact:

Vieyra Honors Foundation



About Us

Vieyra Honors Foundation is a local nonprofit organization honoring members of our community who have made a productive & positive impact.



To support veterans' programs in Reno County by providing resources through fundraising and awareness initiatives.  



To Honor all from/in Reno County who served


Board of Directors

Founder & President = Marla J Booher

Vice President = Christine Vargas

Secretary = Gabrielle Garcia

Treasurer = Megan Vieyra

Ad Hoc Committees Chair = Renee Vieyra

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