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  • How long will the banner be displayed?
    The banner will be displayed from mid-September through Veterans Day. At the end of the display time, the banner will be provided back to the applicant.
  • Will I get to keep the banner once it is no longer on display?
    Yes. After the banner has been displayed (mid-September thru Veterans Day), the banner will be provided to the applicant.
  • What if I do not have a digital photo of my veteran/service member?
    We can provide some recommendations for obtaining a high resolution digital version photo. You can complete a general inquiry form below and we will contact you.
  • What if I do not know the rank or years of service for my veteran?
    That is okay. We do not need to include that information if it is not available to you.
  • Can individuals or companies sponsor banners?
    Yes, you can submit a donation in the amount of your choice using the applicant form. (The cost of each banner is $200.)
  • Do the banner honorees have to be or have been residents of Reno County?
    Yes, the banner program is limited to individuals who have resided in Reno County at some point in his/her lifetime.
  • Should we email you our DD 214?
  • Where can I send my payment for a banner(s)?
    Vieyra Honors Foundation c/o Marla Booher 605 Idlewild Drive Hutchinson, KS 67502
  • What are the Mission and Vision of the Vieyra Honors Foundation?
    Mission: To support veterans' programs in Reno County by providing resources through fundraising and awareness initiatives. Vision: To honor those from/in Reno County who served

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